Our Story, Inspiration & History

The Idea

Our aim is to make the most mesmerising hand made decorations and accessories in the world. We fuse together a luxury blend of culture and experiences from London to India.

In the last 10 years the company has forged strong one-to-one relationships with our many clients and buyers from all over the world and offers an exclusive private label service of personalised and bespoke designs for our flagship souvenir and collectible ornaments and our fashionable gold work peel back stickers for clothing and accessories.

Design & Making

Our manufacturing process begins with an original piece of artwork which is transferred into a hand drawn stencil which forms the embroidery template. Following historical tradition, the fabric is stretched and tied onto one of our in-house wooden embroidery frames and the design is then marked out in chalk. Thread type, colour and embellishments are expertly selected to blend and contour the design. 

Our crafters are hand picked for their unique skill set and creativity. As self employed artisans each piece that we make and sell helps support and preserve this age old traditional art form.


Style & Quality

The design direction is steered by our fashion focused clients in world exclusive department stores & billed exhibitions at leading museums and galleries, mixing fashion and lifestyle trends with the rich sovereign heritage here in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our team designs every piece from scratch as any couturier would. We source exciting new fabrics and use superior quality beads and crystals each sewn on by expert hands.

Our collections offer a wide variety to suit every taste and it has always been clear to us that our business model should be about well made and very beautiful products.